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In 1847, along the banks of Jacob’s Creek, Johann Gramp planted his first vineyard. His vision was to create great tasting wines that reflect the true character of the grapes and the land. To this day we live and breathe this vision by producing wines that showcase how each grape variety expresses itself when shaped by the soil and the sun of Australia.

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Barossa, Adelaide Hills and Coonawarra
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Meet Daniel Swincer
Our Chief Winemaker

Dan’s job isn’t a small one. He has responsibility for the style and quality of every bottle of Jacob’s Creek wine: that’s over a million glasses of wine enjoyed daily across 77 countries across the world.​

Meet Daniel

Meet Nick Bruer
Our Winemaker

Nick’s intimate knowledge of the vineyards and fruit means he knows when to intervene and when to hold off, allowing the wine to determine its own path.

Meet Nick
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A commitment that spans over 150 years
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Crafting wines for generations - Gramp & Sons since 1847
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Know the Wine Line

At Jacob’s Creek we are committed to responsible drinking. Know The Wine Line is just one initiative that helps our consumers to enjoy wine responsibly.

Know the Wine Line
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Winemaking process

Understand what it takes to craft great wine and the crucial differences of the winemaking process for red and white wines.

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