A Trip To The Barossa Valley In Australia With Jacob’s Creek

40 people, 13 different countries and one exclusive Australian experience. The Huntr visits Our Table in the Barossa Valley.


The Huntr is the definitive authority and digital guide on what to eat, drink, see and do in the UAE (and sometimes, beyond). Founder and Editor-in-Chief – Holly Williams-Lloyd – was one of the first people to experience the ‘Our Table’ concept in the UAE and hosted a beautiful evening for 7 friends in her garden in Dubai. 

She was later invited to join the international version of the ‘Our Table’ experience and unite with 39 other people, from 13 different regions and represent the UAE in the Barossa Valley, Southern Australia. 

Discover The Huntr’s experience of this memorable trip with this exclusive feature – Day One: A trip to the Barossa Valley in Australia with Jacob’s Creek 

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