Meet our Growers – Joan Lindner

The families and friends of Jacob's Creek are in integral part of our story.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – family and friends are truly the most important part of life. This is why we take pride in the fact that we still source our grapes from independent growers and family run vineyards. These families and friends of Jacob’s Creek have been an integral part in telling our story over the past 160 years. Our story starts with the grapes and the growers who carefully nurture each vine until they reach perfection.  It’s this dedication and passion of our growers that continually inspires us. We find their stories so inspirational that we’d like for you to meet some of them.

Meet Joan Lindner.

There are some people in life that never cease to amaze you – Joan Lindner is one of those people and also happens to be one of our proud growers.

Cliff Lindner, Joan’s husband, was a local legend in the Barossa. Known as much for his spirit as he was for the way he would forgo using a tractor and opt to drive his beat-up Holden through the vineyard. Having cared for their vineyard, traded as CC & Big J for since 1942, Cliff and Joan’s saw the vineyard as the foundation of their lives together. When Cliff passed away only last year, Joan took it upon herself to look after the vineyards.

Joan breathed new life into the care of the vineyard, picking up right where Cliff left off, taking to the craft like a duck to water.

Joan and her team care for, and produce 4 grape varieties (shiraz, grenache, merlot, cabernet) over 70 acres? of land all whilst cruising through the vineyard in Cliff’s old Holden, just like they used to do. 

Into her late 70’s, Joan was still out in the vineyards pruning and managing the vines, proving her dedication to the craft of grape growing is unparalleled.

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