Meet Our Growers - The Koch's

The passion and dedication of our growers continue to inspire us. We find their stories so inspirational that we'd like for you to meet some of them.

A distant relative of  our founding father, Johann Gramp, Graham Koch and his wife Helen have been with us since  the family first started growing grapes on the banks of Jacob’s Creek way back in 1921.

A 4th generation grower Graham, started life as a commercial pilot before taking the reigns of the family business with his wife over 40 years ago.

Graham not only tends to some of the oldest  vines in the Barossa, but also pursues his passion of flying and even built a small airfield on his property. Embodying the skill of hand craft, Graham will find any excuse to invent and build something that will help him on the vineyard.

Grahams’ other passion is his wife, Helen. The loving bond between them is obvious; together they manage the vineyard and provide us with the highest quality grapes that go into our world class wines including our famous Centenary Hill Shiraz.

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