Meet our Growers – The Rosenzweigs

Our wine is crafted to perfection and it all begins with our grapes.

Meet the Rosenzweigs. 

The Rosenzweigs’ story began over 100 years ago in Prussia when Gottfried and Johanna Rosenzweig fled a life of poverty and they purchased a small farm in the Barossa Valley in 1858.

Through their deep love of the land and working in the wine industry a mere four generations later, the Rosenzweigs purchased their own vineyard. A 54 – acre property just 22 kilometres from where their story began. 

Today, father and son team, Aub and James have been working in the vineyard for 49 years, along with dedicated staff, of course.  James began working on the family vineyard before and after school, which fuelled his passion for grapes.

From their modest beginnings, the Rosenzweigs now own 200 acres over four properties throughout the Barossa with the oldest vines planted in 1935. They grow and produce 8 types of grapes, harvesting from mid-February to mid-March and work year round to nurture the growth of their grapes.

James, the great, great grandson of Gottfried now manages the day-to-day operations, keeping the vineyard a family business.  To say they have a deep understanding of the land would be an understatement. The Rosenzweigs were truly born from this land.

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