Meet Our Growers - The Tolley's

The passion and dedication of our growers continue to inspire us. We find their stories so inspirational that we'd like for you to meet some of them.

Set amongst the rolling hills of Adelaide this father and son duo have one of the most well manicured properties out there.

A strong sense of place, their ancestors began trading in wines and spirits in Adelaide in 1874. More than 100 years later the Tolley’s are continuing a tradition of viticultural excellence, growing vines in markedly different and often more challenging mesoclimates.

Currently in the hand’s of Andrews’ son Simon, their beautiful 27 hectare family vineyard at Woodside in the Adelaide Hills  is a credit to their passion, hard work and dedication.

To say they have a deep understanding of the land would be an understatement. The Tolley’s were truly birthed from this land

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