Leftover Turkey Sandwiches

Complete with cranberry geleè, stuffing and gravy, this turkey sandwich has all the makings of a festive holiday


  • Good quality, fresh bread or rolls (white sandwich slice, or floury bap buns work best!)
  • Whole egg mayonnaise
  • Crisp lettuce leaves (like baby cos, romaine)
  • Cranberry Geleé  (or rich cranberry sauce)
  • Turkey drippings or gravy
  • A pile of thinly sliced left over turkey
  • A decent sized tablespoon of stuffing
  • Salt & Pepper


1.      Using a breadknife, spread the whole egg mayonnaise across both sides of the bread
2.      Sprinkle with salt and pepper to preference
3.      Lay slices of left over turkey across one side of the bread, ensuring that you have a mix of dark and white meat *
4.      Add a layer of cranberry geleé across the other side of the bread, ensuring that you spread this evenly across the bread
5.      Include stuffing over cranberry in a generous layer
6.      Add lettuce
7.      Assemble the whole sandwich and plate 


  • While white meat is leaner, it can often be drier and less flavorsome than dark meat
  • Warm your sandwich for 15 – 30” in the microwave if you prefer 

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