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These holidays, don't forget to absorb the place you’re in.

At Jacob’s Creek, we know a thing or two about travel. After all, we were one of the first to bring Australian wines to the rest of the world. With the holidays on our doorstep, we thought we should share a few of the things we’ve learned on our travels with you.

We spend too much time planning when we could be discovering new things. We know it’s tempting to take the same well-trodden streets as other travellers before you, or eat at the same restaurants, but it’s your holiday, so you should experience it on your own terms.

Pocket your phone and look around you instead of seeing the world through your screen. Allow yourself to truly see the place you’re in, actually in person, not through your phone screen. Consider setting a “night-only” phone rule (other than photos and maps), or even turning it off for a spell. Go ahead, get lost, and let your memory do the photography.

Consider sitting in a local restaurant with a glass of familiar wine, paired with the local cuisine. Alfresco dining is a great way to watch the world go by. Pausing for a moment in a foreign place allows us to see things we wouldn’t ordinarily, like unique architecture, the rhythmic gestures of locals, or the lyrical sounds of a foreign language. It’s also a great way to feel where you are - whether that’s the hustle and bustle of a busy street market, or the smell of pastries baking at a local artisanal bakery. These are all the moments that make memories. 

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