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Crowd-pleasing wines to match your Christmas menu

Jacob’s Creek wine ambassador Eva Yu serves up expert advice for selecting the best wines for Christmas Day.


Creating a Christmas Day menu can be a minefield. A large gathering of family and friends invariably means catering to myriad needs, everything from vegetarian main dishes to gluten- and dairy-free diets.

With so much happening on the table, finding a wine to match the food while still appeasing everyone can be just as tricky. Some people insist they only drink white, while others sit firmly in the red-only camp. Some guests prefer dry wines, others like sweet.

The best tactic, of course, is to offer a curated variety of wines with broad appeal. This way, you’ll have options that complement the range of flavours featured in the festive buffet, and will be guaranteed to have the perfect drop for each of your guests.

We’ve enlisted the help of Jacob’s Creek wine ambassador Eva Yu to recommend wines that will keep everyone happy on Christmas Day.

Sparkling wine

No celebration is complete without a bottle of sparkling wine. To kick off the festivities, Eva’s advice is to think pink. “Jacob’s Creek Sparkling Le Petit Rosé is fruity, fresh and a real crowd pleaser.”

If you have a guest who usually turns down a glass of bubbles, perhaps they just need a different perspective. “Offer them Jacob’s Creek Prosecco Spritz poured over ice and garnished with a slice of citrus,” suggests Eva. This ready-to-serve drink is infused with bitters, blood orange and carefully selected botanicals. “It’s fun, vibrant and a whole new way to enjoy wine,” she says.

White wine

Eva’s pick to match the Christmas turkey is Jacob’s Creek Double Barrel Chardonnay. Even if someone isn’t traditionally a Chardonnay drinker, this might change their mind. “This is a unique Chardonnay as it’s matured in both wine and whiskey barrels,” she explains. “It has white peach and butterscotch characters and is bright and fruity on the palate.”

If you’re serving seafood or would simply prefer something a bit lighter, Jacob’s Creek Barossa Signature Reisling is the way to go. Eva describes it as “zesty and refreshing, with floral notes”.

Red wine

Guests who like savoury flavours will love Jacob’s Creek Johann Shiraz Cabernet. “Named after the founder of the winery, this is our best Barossa Shiraz and Cabernet in one bottle,” says Eva. “The Cabernet adds structure and savoury notes that complement the lovely rich, fruity Shiraz.” It’s a fantastic companion for the more rich and robust flavours of roasted and barbecued meats.

Or you can win over the whiskey drinkers with Jacob’s Creek Double Barrel Shiraz. “This bottle has particular appeal for non-wine drinkers thanks to the influence of its whiskey-barrel aging,” explains Eva.

Dessert options

On the sweeter side of things, Jacob’s Creek Gramp’s Botrytis is a popular choice. “It has beautiful, rich honeyed marmalade and floral notes which make it a great match for trifle and pavlova,” recommends Eva.

People who are not fans of the sticky, sweet style of classic dessert wines should consider a uniquely Australian Christmas tradition: sparkling Shiraz. An unusual style that can surprise those who don’t hail from the land Down Under, Jacob’s Creek Sparkling Shiraz is a wonderful match for spiced Christmas puddings and all things chocolate. “I love its vibrant fruit characters and fine bubbles which dance on your tongue,” says Eva.

Mix and match these fabulous options so that you and your guests can enjoy a wide variety of beautiful wines that not only make a great match for your menu, but are perfect for celebrating together.

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