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Celebrated traditionally or not, Easter often means sharing a meal with friends and family (or at the very least, some chocolate!)

Trina Smith, White and Sparkling Winemaker for Jacob’s Creek has created an easy to reference checklist of how to best pair wine, with some of the food delights we share at Easter.

Wine and Chocolate 101

When thinking about what wine to have with Easter chocolate, it’s best to pair colour for colour. For example;

-        White chocolate matches tremendously with sweet wines such as Moscato.

-        Richer milk chocolates are best complimented by more robust wines such as Pinot Noir or Sparkling

-        Dark Chocolate, containing more cocoa, works well with bold wines like Shiraz (or Sparkling Shiraz works a treat!) 


As many typically eat more fish and seafood around Easter, seafood dishes pair well with lighter and fruitier wines such as a Sauvignon Blanc or Semillon Sauvignon Blanc. Lighter whites are also perfect while the weather is still at that ‘in between stage’ and an outdoor meal is still optional!

On The Table

During milder seasons like Spring and Autumn, when seasonal produce contains more earthier flavours (fresh root vegetables, mushrooms etc) the best wines to include on the table are textural wines, such as our oaky Jacob’s Creek Reserve Adelaide Hills Chardonnay.

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