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How to host an unforgettable Christmas party

Here are four easy tips to get your guests into the festive spirit.

You don’t need a huge budget or fancy decorations to host a memorable Christmas party. Often, it’s the small details that your guests will be talking about long after the last cracker has been pulled. Here are four simple and practical tips for an unforgettable evening.

1. Welcome guests with a cocktail

A welcome cocktail is a fantastic way to say “Let’s celebrate!” and start conversations flowing. But unless you have a dedicated bartender, you’ll want to keep it simple. Choose something that’s quick to make and select flavours that are light and refreshing so you set the mood from the moment your guests arrive.

Tip: Aperitivo hour is having a moment so capture the trend with Jacob’s Creek Prosecco Spritz. Zesty and convenient, it’s the perfect ready-to-go party starter. Just pop open a bottle, add ice and a slice of orange, then serve.

2. Prepare finger food beforehand

Even the most dedicated entertainers don’t want to spend the entire night cooking. Skip the four-course meal and opt for a more casual menu of easy-to-prepare canapés. These salmon blinis are a great option. You can cook the blinis the day before then assemble everything a few hours before the party. That means less time in the kitchen and more time with your guests.

Tip: Offering canapés provides the perfect chance to circulate among your guests. Plus, always carrying a plate of food will definitely make you the most popular person in the room.

3. Crowdsource your wine options

Who says you have to do everything yourself? Reveal one item on your party menu to each guest and ask them to bring a bottle of wine to match. You might end up with some surprising pairings or a varietal you’ve never tried before.

Tip: Pour the wine into decanters for a blind tasting. Give your guests scorecards so they can write their thoughts on each wine. At the end of the evening, give a prize to the person who brought the highest-scoring bottle.

4. Make it personal

When was the last time you told someone what they meant to you? It might sound cheesy but in the busyness of everyday life, it’s easy to forget to show people how much you value them. Take a moment with each guest while you top up their glass to let them know how they’ve made your year better. Because celebrating with the people we care about is what makes a party truly memorable.

Tip: Be specific. Saying, “I’m glad you’re my friend,” is nice but telling someone, “Our Monday coffee catch-ups get me through the day,” is much more meaningful.

Finally, a word of warning: when you make your party this unforgettable, be prepared to be flooded with requests for invitations next year.

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