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New Year’s Eve Pairings

New Year’s Eve is almost on our doorstep...

With the new year approaching also comes an opportunity to show off your love of entertaining. If you’re hosting the celebration at your place this year, we’ve got you covered. We can help you plan ahead so you can enjoy yourself and focus on what matters most - ringing in the New Year with close family and friends.

Every good New Year’s Eve party has great wine, food and good company. And while wine is important, pairing the right food should also be cause for celebration.

Instead of making everything from scratch, consider purchasing good quality cheeses and making a fabulous grazing plate. We recommend choosing cheeses based on the wines you’re looking to serve. If you’re looking at sticking to tradition with sparkling, you really can’t go past a creamy camembert. The buttery flavour of the cheese softens sharpness and acidity without overpowering the hero of your party - the wine. No matter what wine you serve though, the best way to pair cheeses with any bottle is to start with the light wines first, paired with fresh, soft cheeses and have your guests work their way towards the darker, more full-bodied wines, paired with sharper, harder cheeses.

Keeping things simple will mean you can focus on spending time with your guests on the night, rather than in the kitchen. If you’re hosting a more formal affair, consider large share platters. These are a great way to keep the table beautifully put together and are less time consuming than creating lots of dishes from scratch. Big portions of food mean your guests can just help themselves, eating a much or as little as they feel like.

As always, its important to pair your dishes with our great wine. Wine can enhance the food at your party - plus, it’s always a great talking point at a party. While the clock ticks down to midnight, a glass of sparkling wine will keep the ambience and vibe of your party classy. Or if you’re looking to try something different, why not toast the new year with a glass of Sparkling Moscato instead?

Here’s to a glass half full kind of new year.

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