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Secrets to making the perfect mulled wine

It’s all about taste! Here’s our guide to get you started

Winter may call for beanies, blankets, heaters and gloves but here at Jacob’s Creek, we’ve got an extra line of defence against winter’s chilly embrace. Discover our secret to keeping warm this winter with the perfect mug of mulled wine.       

Mulled wine

Mulled wine is steeped in history. Originating in the 2nd Century, the Romans would heat their wine to see them through the harsh European winter. Their love of mulled wine travelled throughout the region as they conquered much of Europe and built their empire. 

Now, mulled wine, also known as glögg or gluhwein, is a winter staple across Europe and the world. 

When to indulge 

The more wintery the occasion the better! Mulled wine is a go to drink for winter campers but you can indulge in this mug of sunshine on any cold occasion – a snow trip, a backyard dinner party, winter music festival or even at an outdoor bar. 

Our secret recipe… 

 It’s all about taste! Here’s our guide to get you started: 


  • Wine (obviously):red, rosé or even white 
  • Fruit: Orange (zest and juice), 
  • Lime (zest), Lemon (zest) 
  • Spices: Cinnamon (sticks or ground, whatever you have on hand), 
  • Cloves (if you have them, but All Spice is a great substitute) or Star Anise Sugar: caster, brown, white 


  1. Add the citrus zest, spices and sugar to a large pot 
  2. Pour in just enough wine to cover the ingredients; bring to a low boil to make a syrup (but don’t pour in all the wine yet! You don’t want to lose the alcohol from the wine which will happen as it heats) 
  3. Once the base mix is too your liking, add in the rest of the wine 
  4. Slowly heat and stir, without letting it come to the boil. 
  5. Add in any extra flavours based on your tastes. Consider fresh orange juice, dried fruit, more sugar, more spice (and all things nice) 
  6. Ladle out of the pot and enjoy! 

The perfect wine to use 

We love Jacob’s Creek Classic Shiraz for its full bodied plum flavours and tannin profile. But if you’re into a lighter style red wine, give the Jacob’s Creek Reserve Pinot Noir a go – its refined cherry flavours coupled with cinnamon oak mean you’re halfway to making mulled wine already. And if red wine isn’t your thing, don’t despair! We’d suggest trying Le Petit Rosé with strawberry, cinnamon and sugar.  

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