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Jacob’s Creek

Premium wines that capture the character of Australia’s best wine regions.

Premium wines that capture the character of Australia’s best wine regions.

Jacob’s Creek Reserve

Each of our Reserve wines is made from high quality grapes sourced from a single region, renowned for that grape variety. With a focus on Barossa, Adelaide Hills and Coonawarra, Jacob’s Creek Reserve celebrates provenance by reflecting the unique personality of each region in the wine.

Spectacular wines from three exceptional regions

Each wine in our reserve range is sourced from the region that is best for that variety. with a focus on three of Australia's best wine regions, all in South Australia. learn more about them.

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Adelaide Hills


Jacob's Creek

Barossa - Home to the world's most famous creek

The historical Barossa Valley is our home. Jacob's Creek runs through the heart of this region, our winery is based here and visitors flock from across the world to come to our visitor centre.

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Jacob's Creek

Adelaide Hills - Home to the coolest hidden treasures

Vineyards are dotted among its twisting hills and valleys in a high altitude landscape that offers a diversity of cool micro-climates, and a network of tiny towns with a multitude of treasures to discover.

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Jacob's Creek

Coonawarra - Home of the famous red soil

Coonawarra's famous red soil is actually red, brown and grey depending on where you are standing. The key to the region is actually the limestone aquifer beneath and the unique local climate.

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