With half the alcohol, half the calories and a light luscious taste, wine just got better - better by half!

Ever turned down a night with friends or long lunch because you’re worried about tomorrow’s repercussions? Maybe you simply just want to moderate your alcohol intake? 

Jacob's Creek has listened to consumers,  launching a new range of light and crisp wines that contain half the alcohol and calories* of regular wine – Jacob's Creek Better By Half. Available in 750mL and featuring on trend varietals Pinot Grigio, Rosé and Brut Cuvée sparkling.

With Better by Half, Jacob's Creek is transforming mid-strength wines in Australia by providing lusciously light wines that retain a delightful mouthfeel and delicious crisp flavour. The new range meets a growing demand from millennials who are increasingly adopting a mindset of moderation. Wine just got better – better by half.

To make Jacob's Creek Better by Half, winemakers in the Barossa Valley gently separate the alcohol away from the wine with a special filter during the winemaking process.

In the case of Jacob's Creek Better By Half, the wine has been reduced to just 5.5% abv – a 50% decrease in alcohol* and due to this, Jacob's Creek Better by Half also has a 50% decrease in calories*. And the best bit is the wine has just 36 calories per 100ml glass of wine. So, if you’re seeking balance and moderation, but still looking to treat yourself, Better by Half could be your new favourite wine.

The Jacob's Creek Better By Half range suits a wide selection of delicious pairings. For the Pinot Grigio, Jacob’s Creek Winemaker Trina Smith suggests seafood dishes and salads. For the Rosé and Brut Cuvée, a variety of light savoury dishes are perfect pairs, such as  charcuterie, quiche and souffles.

 “We wanted to offer people wines of true varietal character – whilst also achieving lower alcohol and calories than were previously available in Australia – getting to a true ‘half the alcohol, half the calories’ wine*.

“The varieties we chose are sessionable, on trend and highly desired. The rosé revolution is still growing strong and Pinot Grigio is the fastest growing wine variety globally. The Brut Cuvée is perfect for celebratory social occasions where consumers want to join in and cheers the moment,” said Trina.  

Jacob's Creek Better by Half is available now from Liquorland and First Choice.


*Half the alcohol and half the calories of a Jacob’s Creek of the same varietal.