The best wines to gift this Christmas

For a Secret Santa or a generous host, here's how to give the gift of wine.

Good gift-giving is an art form and no season tests this skill quite like Christmas, with its seemingly endless list of events requiring a little something be brought along - or in the case of wine, opened on the day and shared together. Whether it’s a secret Santa affair or a host you’d like to show some appreciation towards, gifting the right wine is the perfect answer.


You can’t trick a perceptive palate. Nor should you — all it takes to impress that one person who knows what type of wine they like, is to choose a wine that has a little something extra. Our Double Barrel Shiraz is one such bottle. The Double Barrel range gets its character from starting with top-notch grapes and ageing them in traditional oak, before finishing the process in aged whisky barrels for a deep, complex flavour. This is definitely a present that won’t be re-gifted. 


Been told not to bring a thing but you know you should? Bring a bottle of our Sparkling Chardonnay Pinot Noir - the wine du jour when it comes to celebrating, especially when charging glasses and making toasts. And thanks to its subtle flavour this is a versatile number too, matching easily with an easy afternoon cheese platter or pre-dinner canapés. 


The host of your party usually has the basics covered so why not help them add a little festive flourish to their event? Our Le Petit Rosé comes with a slew of awards and accolades, proving its power as a delicious wine that’s certain to lift the mood of any gathering. Crafted from Pinot noir, Grenache and Mataro fruits, this pretty-in-pink number is perfect for getting a dinner started or keeping a long lunch going—or, even as an after-party sip if the host fancies pouring themselves a glass once guests have dispersed.