Ever wondered who makes Le Petit Rosé?

Introducing Trina Smith, Group White and Sparkling Winemaker - the person behind ensuring every bottle of Le Petit Rosé tastes delicious.

Trina’s been with the Jacob’s Creek family since October 2016 and she’s already left quite the impression. She joined us after nearly a decade of experience here  in Australia in sparkling wine as a  Senior Sparkling Winemaker.

But Trina didn’t always want to be a winemaker. Don’t hold it against her - her wine speaks for itself. Winemaking came about almost by accident, after her and a friend picked up a wine appreciation course at university. It was then that she knew she was in love with wine and the process that goes into making a great bottle, so she went on to study Oenology at the University of Adelaide.

After studying, Trina worked on wine vintages overseas in California, Italy and South Africa, with a focus on red wine. At Jacob’s Creek this wealth of international winemaking knowledge has seen Trina work closely with our operational winemaking team, where she helps push the boundaries of winemaking.

“The beauty of being able to innovate and try new things is it helps keep the passion alive” says Trina.

It’s this passion that’s given rise to beautiful, exquisite wines, like our Le Petit Rosé. Needless to say, we’re delighted Trina’s part of the family and we’re intrigued to see where she helps us take our wines.

Says Trina, “I am thrilled to be a part of this team and look forward to bringing my experiences to the table and help continue to bring Jacob’s Creek into the hands of wine lovers around the world.”