Three wines to pair with festive canapés 

A cheat sheet to pairing wine with bite-sized dishes

When the festive season settles into full swing, we all know what to expect on arrival at a party: delicious, bite-sized food that’s made for sharing. A great gathering always eases into the celebrations with canapés but more important still is what’s served alongside the occasion-friendly food. Here’s a cheat sheet for hosts and guests on the three best wines to pair with appetisers. 


Nothing says fun like fizz and nothing is easier to match to a wide range of bites like a fresh rosé or a tingly sparkling. These drinks are a great way to start any celebration and not only because of their festive feel—they’re also strong partners to virtually any classic share plate. Charcuterie? The subtle sweetness of the rosé is the perfect balance to salty meats such as prosciutto and salami. Hosting a brunch? The dryness of the sparkling makes fabulous friends with a sweet fruit platter. Serve the fruit inside the glass or on the plate next to pancakes—either way, it’s a winning combination.

We recommend: Le Petit Rosé, Sparkling Chardonnay Pinot Noir


A Chardonnay provides enough flavour without overpowering any dish on offer, and so is a great addition to any festive get-together - and particularly, one that features foods like piles of zingy, garlic-drenched bruschetta which complements a sip of creamy chardonnay perfectly, as does a salty tear of focaccia. In short, you can’t go wrong with bringing this bottle along. 

We recommend: Classic Chardonnay


The most lighthearted of the serious red bunch, the typically softer Pinot Noir gives many flavours their place to shine without being overpowering. That’s why this versatile grape is a great choice for guests as they make their way through a cheese platter. From a gentle, creamy sheep’s milk to a nutty Gruyere and an oozing burrata, the delicate Pinot stands up to virtually all varieties, except stronger, stinkier slabs such as stilton or goat’s cheese. 

We recommend: Classic Pinot Noir