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A generous take on a classic blend, with the acidity from the Chardonnay beautifully balanced by the Semillon’s tight structure.
Volume 750 mL
ALC/VOL 12.9%
Varietal Semillon Chardonnay
Country Australia

Tasting Notes

Our classic range offers fresh, great tasting wines that have been created to drink now. our flagship range, classic, is a popular choice with consumers who seek excellent value and consistent quality.

Jacob’s Creek Classic range offers fresh, great tasting wines across a wide selection of popular varieties and blends. Created to drink now, our Classic wines are ideal for those who seek excellent value and reliable quality for every day enjoyment.


Fragrant and grassy, with appealing apple and stonefruit.

A refreshing, medium-bodied wine that is well rounded, with lovely crisp acidity.


Spicy Indonesian Gado-Gado or yellow chicken curries.