Sangria Passion

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perfect over ice & shared with friends.

Enjoy a glass of Sangria with a splash of chilled orange juice, Jacob’s Creek ReserveShiraz & dark spices.

Reserve Barossa Shiraz
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Serving 4
GARNISH Take a whole washed and dried strawberry in your hands and pull off the leaves. Take a sharp paring knife and cut a V-shaped notch on top of the berry and remove the berry’s core. Trim a thin slice off of both sides of the strawberry, revealing the heart shape. You can place the scraps in a bowl and eat them later. Slice the rest of the strawberry into thin heart shapes, less than 1/4-inch thick.
Food Pairing Cured meat, chorizo and pickles. It fits any salty appetizers.
Ingredients 400mL Jacob’s Creek Reserve Shiraz 240mL Orange juice (you can use bottle juice or freshly squeezed orange juice) 60mL Sugar Syrup (1:1), or you can use Honey, or you can use Agave Syrup Grated Cinnamon (stick)
Equipment Wine Glass and Carafe
Step 1 Add orange slices fruit to the carafe.
Step 2 Add all the other ingredients to the carafe
Step 3 Grate cinnamon over the top of the cocktail
Step 4 Add Ice and the Strawberry heart shapes on top of the glass. Serve cold.

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