Harvey Bay Queen Scallops

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harvey bay queen scallops, nuoc cham, thai basil and native sea vegetables

This incredibly fresh starter showcases the best of the best Australian seafood with fresh scallops from Harvey Bay and locally foraged sea vegetables.

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Servings 4
For the dish 150ml lime juice 75ml fish sauce 30ml distilled vinegar 25ml water 50g sugar 2 x Fresh long red chilies (sliced)
For the Nuoc Cham dressing 15 – 20 Harvey Bay Scallops (or similar fresh scallops) 1 handful Native sea vegetables or pickles sliced to preference 2 tsp. cooking oil
Step 1 Combine all ingredients in a mixing bowl and whisk well till combined. Store in an airtight container for up to one month to have on hand on the dinner table to use as a seasoning or dipping sauce for almost anything.
Step 2 Lightly oil the Scallops on either side and sear for 30 seconds in a hot non-stick fry pan in batches. Arrange on a serving plate.
Step 3 Pour over ¼ cup of Nuoc Cham and arrange the sea vegetables or pickles, serve immediately for a great zingy and zesty starter to get your taste buds ready for a flavorsome meal to come.
Step 4 If you don’t have access to forage for yourself, you can substitute with any type of pickles or fresh vegetables like carrot, daikon or radish.

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