Mango Pudding & Roast Coconut Ice Cream

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this fun summer dessert is a take on a favourite sunday morning yum cha sweet.

It’s an easy dessert to prepare for a dinner party as everything can be done in advance and then you just need to scoop the ice cream and serve. I personally love roast coconut ice cream though you can choose your favourite ice cream or sorbet as they all go well with this pudding.

Le Petit Rosé
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Serving 4
Ingredients 750g cream 2g sea salt 4 Kaffir lime leaves 500g Fresh mango puree 150g palm sugar
Step 1 In a heavy based pot add the cream, mango puree, salt, crushed palm sugar and lime leaves until they come to scald and sugar is dissolved. Allow to steep for 10min.
Step 2 Bloom the gelatin then add to the mixture.
Step 3 Strain mixture and allow cooling in an ice bath.Allow the mixture to set before portioning into 175gm bowls or glasses.
Step 4 Allow cooling and setting in the refrigerator. Serve with a scoop of roast coconut ice on top.