Jacks Creek Wagyu Short Rib

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twice cooked jacks creek wagyu short rib, turmeric, chili & grilled flat bread

This light aromatic coconut-based curry from Thailand is a great way to showcase beautiful braised meat. The Thai flavours and use of fresh Aussie ingredients is inspired by my multicultural background and experience with cooking both here and in LA.

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Servings 4
Ingredients 2pieces of jacks creek beef short ribs (bone in) 2litres chicken stock 150mlfish sauce 150mloyster sauce 2tablespoons of sugar 2sticks lemon grass (bruised) 1hand full kaffir lime leaf 1knob galangal 2red birds eye chilies
Step 1 Bring all the ingredients to the boil and let simmer for 10 minutes to infuse the flavors.
Step 2 Preheat the oven to 180 degrees.
Step 3 Place the short ribs into a baking dish and pour the aromatic broth over the top include the lemongrass and other ingredients to braise with the beef.
Step 4 Cover with grease prof paper and foil then braise for 3 hours.
Step 5 The rib bone should move freely from the piece of meat when it is ready.
Step 6 Remove from the liquid and cool on a wire rack, this step can be done a day before and refrigerated if necessary.
Step 7 Chargrill the ribs on a BBQ or wood fired grill or you could simply pan fry them in a heavy based fry pan or grill plate on the stove till they are caramelized with a good char on the outside this should take at least 5 minutes frequently turning.
Step 8 In this recipe I am using Australian beef short ribs, though you could substitute it with and kind of fish, chicken or even squid.

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