Le petit Colada

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frosé is so 2018.

This new ritual turns the modern frosé trend on its head, injecting elects for Pina Colada and fresh watermelon juice.

Le Petit Rosé Brut Cuvée
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Serving 5
Time to Make 45 Mins
Food Pairing Salt, Pepper & Coconut Calamari
Ingredients 100ml JC Le Petit Rosé 100g Watermelon 15ml Malibu (or 10ml coconut syrup if you do not have Malibu at home)
Equipment Stemless wine glass
Step 1 Add all ingredients to a blender
Step 2 Blend until it smooth
Step 3 Pour over ice in stemless wine glass.
Step 4 Garnish with watermelon popsicle.
Method – GARNISH Ice Cubes Frozen Watermelon Popsicles
Step 1 You slice in thin triangles watermelon pieces
Step 2 Before you freeze them you can: – Dip them in coconut syrup – Or just frozen fresh watermelon
Step 3 You can add a skewer to create a popsicle
Step 4 You freeze it