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1847 Range

Our winemaking tradition dates back to 1847 when Johann Gramp planted his first vineyard on the banks of Jacob’s Creek.

With this wine we celebrate over 170 years of Australian winemaking & the legacy of Johann Gramp who planted these first vines.


A.J. invites everyone to savour and celebrate an undiscovered side of the Barossa.
This range celebrates Ann Jacob and her significant contribution to the wine industry. Wines of exceptional varietal character, fruit-forward with silky texture, bright and delicate aromatics.


Barossa signature focusses on expressing the character of our signature wine region and brand home, through a range of premium barossa reds and whites. Celebrating our home in the Barossa, Barossa Signature is a tribute to Australia’s most renowned wine region.


Where nature meets craft

Our new range of premium wines are expertly crafted by our award-winning winemakers using the best organically grown grapes. New Jacob’s Creek organic: where nature meets craft.


Our winemaker’s selection range offers great-tasting wines that have been created to be approachable wines that complement a wide variety of foods with Chinese taste preferences in mind.

Winemaker’s selection is great-tasting wines that are medium-bodied, well-balanced, and approachable. blends with lower acidity, softer tannin, and subtle oak were selected by our winemakers to ensure the wines would complement a wide variety of foods with Chinese taste preferences in mind.


Generous, easy-drinking wines crafted specifically to complement japanese dishes. ‘wah’ are unique wines created specially to match the exquisite flavours and textures of japanese cuisine, borne from collaboration with leading chefs from japan.


Refreshing and elegant alcohol-free wines with less than 0.5% alcohol.

This new range has been specially crafted for wine lovers who are looking for an alternative alcohol-free wine to enjoy during special moments. Showcasing modern winemaking techniques where the alcohol has been gently removed yet true wine character and flavour are still retained.


Fresh and light to finish, yet a lovely balanced sweetness carries tropical notes to your palate.

A sophisticated on-trend varietal with a dash of sweetness.


Premium wines that capture the character of Australia’s best wine regions. Each wine in our reserve range is made by selecting premium quality fruit from one of Australia’s best wine regions for each region to make wines with great varietal expression.


Making a spritz is now simple, which means you can get back to what really matters, having fun! Our winemakers subtly blended our bright crisp prosecco with bitters, zesty blood oranges, and carefully selected botanicals to add a touch of finesse.


Stylish Australian wines are made in a soft, approachable, and slightly sweeter style.

Our Craft is a genuine wine with a true sense of place and a rich heritage. Our expert winemakers are down to earth and exclude passion for their craft, all of which is reflected in the quality of these wines.


Our Barrel Selection range celebrates the winemaking tradition of aging wine in premium oak barrels. These wines are generous full bodied wines with well-integrated oak influence and superior complexity.


Australian rosé with a little french style.
Le petit rosé is australia’s unique interpretation of french rosé.


A range of wines made entirely from certified organically grown grapes, using certified organic winemaking techniques. Every grape going into ‘earth vine grape’ has been sourced from Australian certified organic vines, with the entire winemaking process receiving organic certification in Australia.


Double Barrel is finished in aged whiskey barrels for a richer, deeper, and smoother taste.

The Double Barrel range is crafted from superior quality grapes which are first matured in traditional wine barrels. Then, using our unique Double Barrel technique, they are finished in aged whisk(e)y barrels to build additional layers of complexity.


Harvested in the cool of the night, creating a perfect balance of sweetness and acidity.

Grapes are harvested in the cool of the night for a fresh, crisp taste.


Half the alcohol. half the calories.

Delicious, crisp taste.


Our classic range offers fresh, great tasting wines that have been created to drink now. Our flagship range, classic is a popular choice with consumers who seek excellent value and consistent quality. Jacob’s Creek classic range offers fresh, great tasting wines across a wide selection of popular varieties and blends. Created to drink now, our classic wines are ideal for those who seek excellent value and reliable quality for every day enjoyment.


Representing our finest wine, Jacob’s Creek heritage wine is a benchmark of outstanding quality and style.

This wine sets a benchmark in regional australian wines of outstanding quality, and named in honour of Johann Gramp, the founding figure in the proud winemaking history of Gramp & Sons beginning in 1847.


The dots range celebrates natural fruit sweetness to provide a refreshing and easy drink. Our dots wines delightfully showcase the sweet flavours and aromas of fresh summer fruit.


We fermented the juice to drynesis then blended regular sweeter Moscato into it, add a little water to bring down the alcohol percentage and added a natural floavor modulator that helps us enhance the natural sweetness of the wine without adding any sugar to the product.

Lively Bunch

Lively Bunch Range, re-defining Australian reds with lighter style red varietals designed to be drunk chilled. Perfect for hotter weather.